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There is no sas/graph 'proc' to create gage charts (aka "Critical Success Factor" csf charts).

There is a ds2csf macro which outputs some html that drives
the sas csf java applet and produces a csf chart, but that doesn't
fit in very well with other sas/graph output (for example, you 
can't output a gif file, or use it in greplay, or set up html 
charttips and drilldowns).

Also, there is a csf in SAS/AF - but you have to be running sas/af 
to use it (ie, no web output capability).

Also, various of our sas solutions have csf/gage charts (such as
the sas SPM solution), but again they are not available for general
use in a sas job, such as sas/graph.

Therefore, I wrote this flexible re-usable sas code, which lets you
specify your ranges, colors, and needle value, and it draws a fairly
fancy/nice-looking csf/gage using good-old sas/graph stuff (annotate).
You can ouptut in any format sas/graph can (such as 'ods html' and 
gif output), and you can set up web-based charttips and drilldowns,
and you could even greplay it into a custom multi-frame dashboard

I then used the ods htmlpanel stuff to show how to put multiple 
gages onto the same page, in a grid.  Basically you just tell it
when to start a row, and then you do however many gages you want,
and then tell it to finish that row... then repeat for the next row(s).

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