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Ideally, I would be able to just use "by date", but I also want to change
the viewing angle for each frame (not just the date), so I have to set up
a macro, and then loop through, calling it for each date, and passing in
a different viewing angle...


This code should be pretty easy to re-use, as long as you
enter your data in the same fashion as the original data,
and then change the state from South Dakota (SD) to your
state, and then some fine-tuning for the data/color binning.

The code sorts & summarizes the data, by day, and then
loops through and creates a map for each day, using 
geometry to calculate the viewing angle, such that the
map will be rotated 360 degrees after processing all
the days in the data.  Each of these daily maps is 
knitted together into an animated gif.  

You can view this animated gif using a browser like 
Internet Explorer, or you might want to use a more 
sophisticated tool that lets you pause/resume the 
frames, and go forward/backward.

Note that in a 3d prism map, some of the areas are 
obscured/hidden by taller areas in front, so this is
not the 'best' type of map to use (but this was for a
special presentation to capture the audiences attention).

In conjunction with this map, it would be good to also use
a normal flat choro map, maybe with the totals annotated onto
each county, and maybe with drilldown capability to see more
detailed info on each county.  (gifanim's can't do ods html
drilldowns, btw).

In v9.2, you will be able to control the height & color 
separately, but in this pre-9.2 version, height and color
are controlled together (therefore the change in height
kinda 'jumps' from one range to the next - it will be much
smoother when re-written to take advantage of the new
v9.2 functionality).

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