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This is the "un-Blinged" version of the dashboard, similar to Corda's dashboard...

I started with data from examples on the following website...
And then tried to make a dashboard that was more functional
than theirs :)

I used 'greplay' and a custom greplay template to lay out the 4 graphs
on one page.  I also used a 5th greplay area (overlaid on top of the 
bottom/left quadrant) to do the inset pie chart in the bar chart.

I use "box=1 bcolor=grayee" in the title statements to make the titles
have a gray box around them.

To get the multi-line bar midpoint labels in the cylinder/bar chart,
I use the "axis2 label=none split='/';" (and I put a '/' in the data/text
where I want the string to be split).

The colored dot/markers on the map are annotated pies.
The map legend is also custom annotated.

All of the graphics elements have html charttips (using the title=),
and the bars in the top/left quadrant have drilldowns to show the
seating chart for that flight.  I do not create my own airplane 
seating chart (although I could, using custom gmap) -- instead, I
link to a website that already has these seating charts (this shows
how easily sas/graph can be 'integrated' with other software systems
over the web).

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