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Blinged Version!

There are several tricks at work here ...

Notice that the iframe image looks very nice - this is a new v9.2
feature.  Images look better in v9.2, especially when you use 
device=png (which can use >256 colors in v9.2 sas).

I use a standard "plot2" to get the axis on the right-hand side
of the graph.  And I use annotate to draw the reference lines
and simulate an "axis" along the top of the graph - the top axis
shows the points along the journey when the balloon was at the
30k, 60k, and 90k feet altitude.

I annotate a yellow line at the point where the balloon reached
its maximum altitude, and annotated "ascent>" and "descent>"
on either side of this line.

I used annotated labels at the end of the lines, rather than 
using a color legend.  I use the legend's "offset" option to
add a little extra space on the right-side of the graph, so
I have room for these annotated labels.

Also, although it looks like just 2 lines, it is actually 
4 separate line segments - that way, I can use a slightly 
different shade of color for the ascent and the descent 
leg of the balloon's trip.

This data came from the good folks at ...  NearSpaceVentures

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