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I started with data from examples on the following website...
And then tried to make a dashboard that was more functional
than theirs :)

I used 'greplay' and a custom greplay template to lay out the 4 graphs
on one page.  

I use "box=1 bcolor=grayee" in the title statements to make the titles
have a gray box around them.

In each graph, I create a gradient/shaded background using annotate.
Each shade of the color is an annotated 'bar', laid edge-to-edge.

The green background is "goptions cback=", and the darker green
background for the entire webpage is controlled by customizing the 
ods styles.default ods template, and changing the 'docbg' color.

All of the graphics elements have html charttips (using the title=),
and the bars have drilldowns to the 'unblinged' version.  

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